News from the WPI Office of Undergraduate Research - October 9, 2020


Undergraduate Research

The Making of a Project Video Workshop

The Office of Undergraduate Research hosted the workshop, "The Making of a Project Video".  During this interactive workshop, the audience watched and listened to videos from five student panelists.  Each video creator then talked about their process and production method in a Q&A session after each viewing.  They were joined by members of the Global Lab in the Foisie Innovation Studio who shared additional tips.  You can access a recording of the workshop here.  A huge thank you to all of our  student panelists, Maya Angeles, Jacqueline Lopez,  Mason Ocasio, Susanna Oppong, Adrian Orszulak, Ally Salvino, and Jeremiah Valero, as well as our participants!



Undergraduate Research in Arts and Sciences

This year, Worcester Polytechnic Institute is excited to be holding its third annual Arts and Sciences Week! In celebration of this event, the Office of Undergraduate Research would like to highlight some recent research work from our Arts and Sciences majors.









Research in Action

The Office of Undergraduate Research is excited to announce a new addition to the Undergraduate Research website - the Research in Action page.  See and hear what research looks like for undergraduate students at WPI.  Visit our online collection of peer-reviewed publications with undergraduate student authors, see some featured videos from the Virtual Undergraduate Research Showcase, read about some of this summer's research, and gain access to each edition of our newsletter.




Scholarships and Fellowships

Nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships can help fund students’ undergraduate research experiences, PhD and Master’s degrees, and even post graduate study outside of the United States. Rebekah

Campo is the Fellowships Advisor at WPI, and she works with students to identify, explore, and apply for these opportunities. Join ID 130X: Fellowships Exploration and Application in B term; visit the WPI Fellowships webpage; or reach out to Rebekah to learn more!

Also, check out this Pathways to Science site page for a great resource for searching for Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs, scholarships, and other opportunities.  Pathways to Science is sponsored by the Institute for Broadening Participation




This newsletter is sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research at WPI.  Please contact Prof. Suzanne Weekes, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, ad interim at if you have any questions or undergraduate research highlights.