Events Office

25Live is now open to requests through August 13, 2023.

Students, please be aware that requests for athletic spaces are not open until the first week of each term.

We expect to open requests for Fall 2023 (mid-August through December) in late Spring.


- UH Tech Suites: Student requests for Unity Hall tech suites will now be limited to one (1) occurrence per day of no more than three (3) hours and a monthly limit of fifteen (15) occurrences or no more than twenty (20) total hours.

- Major Event Space default setup and breakdown time: Alden Hall Great Hall, Higgins House Great Hall, Higgins House East Courtyard, and the Campus Center Odeum now include a three (3) hour setup and breakdown built into each event. This is an established practice, but the system now has a way to add it in automatically.

- Blackout request form: An intake form has been created for requests on blackout days. These requests are still subject to approval by the Events Office and, if approved, will be for the location only. No resources or additional support will be available. This form is posted on the Events Office Planning and Resources page.

- Wellness Days: All requests for Wellness Day activities should be directed to the Center for Well-Being.

Please email with any questions.