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The Events Office schedules and/or coordinates events in campus and community spaces through our scheduling software, 25Live, based on suitability and in the best interest of the university using the following guidelines:

  • Initiate and sustain accurate & effective communication; including diagrams

  • Identify and apply essential resources to the reservation

  • Verify that those resources have been provided for the event and that the client and all other stakeholders involved are satisfied

  • Provide exceptional service with a great overall experience as the goal

Holding Classes Outside

We welcome classes moving outdoors on an ad hoc basis. Outdoor spaces are traditionally event spaces, and currently, events are strongly encouraged to be hosted outdoors. Classes already have a reserved space, but most events have nowhere else to go.

Any outdoor spaces not managed by the Events Office in 25live are available for class use on a first come first served basis and do not need any reservations.  Examples are:

  • Beech Tree Circle
  • Freeman Plaza
  • Grass areas around Higgins Labs, Salisbury Labs, Olin Hall, Atwater Kent, and Fuller Labs
  • Any areas with Adirondack chairs
  • Alumni Field Bleachers
  • Open Space in the Rooftop Fields

Outdoor spaces managed by the Events Office through 25live can be used for ad hoc classes on a first come first served basis as long as the space is not already reserved for an event.  The Events Office will not be taking reservations for outdoor classes.  Examples are:

  • Quadrangle
  • Higgins House Grounds (including the lower lawn and both courtyards)
  • Rubin Campus Center Patio & Grass Area
  • Reunion Plaza Fountain

Please check 25Live before your class to see what spaces may be available for use that day. If you are not familiar with the system, there are training videos posted below, and most department admins are also familiar with it.

Last updated 9/21/21

25Live Training Videos

25Live General Usage

25Live General Usage (9 min 40 sec)

25Live Event Request Process

25Live Event Request Process (13 min 40 sec)

25Live Student Access Levels

25Live Student Access Levels (2 min 32 sec)

25Live Tasks for Location Approvers and Service Providers

25Live Tasks for Location Approvers and Service Providers (6 min 38 sec)