The Events Office schedules and/or coordinates events in campus and community spaces through our scheduling software, 25Live, based on suitability and in the best interest of the university using the following guidelines:

  • Initiate and sustain accurate & effective communication; including diagrams

  • Identify and apply essential resources to the reservation

  • Verify that those resources have been provided for the event and that the client and all other stakeholders involved are satisfied

  • Provide exceptional service with a great overall experience as the goal

25Live Training Videos

Events COVID Policies

Events COVID Policies Overview (6 min 30 sec)

25Live General Usage

25Live General Usage (15 min 43 sec)

25Live Event Request Process

25Live Event Request Process (15 min)

25Live Student Access Levels

25Live Student Access Levels (3 min 30 sec)

25Live Tasks for Location Approvers and Service Providers

25Live Tasks for Locations Approvers and Service Providers (6 min 38 sec)


Did You Know?

  • WPI currently hosts over 36,000 events per year

  • Since 2012 the amount of events hosted on campus has grown 42 percent

  • Since September 2015, the Events Office has handled all 25Live requests in less than 24 business hours

  • All events that are assigned a Primary Events Coordinator, act as your personal project manager for successful event execution by the service providers

  • The Events Office now embraces Student Staff support as another layer of service for our valued clients