Alumni Profile: Theona K. Scola MBA ’21


Theona K. Scola MBA ’21

Theona K. Scola MBA ’21

Theona K. Scola MBA ’21 is the Director of Donor Strategy and Stewardship here at WPI, where she leverages her team-based experiences to approach her donor engagement work as well as her leadership role in WPI’s inaugural Staff Council. Below, she shares her thoughts on her WPI experience and where it's lead her.

Q: What was your favorite part of your WPI experience?  

A: I truly enjoyed the project-based work throughout the program! It was rewarding to see our project develop throughout the Pre-Capstone and Capstone experiences. Working in group settings allowed us to leverage strengths, individual networks, and create efficiencies in our processes. These transferable skills are invaluable!

Q: Who made an impact on your WPI experience?

A: While I found most all the Business School staff and faculty to be supportive, Sandy Wellinghoff is such an incredible resource for MBA students. Sandy, Senior Director of Graduate Programs, was always available for consult, to answer questions or offer her advice! Her extensive knowledge of the program and helpful approach made navigating through course selection, term registration, and such a lot easier.

Q: Where did you make lasting friendships at WPI? 

A: The cohort model of the MBA program helps foster a community environment. You progress through the curriculum as a group and get to know your teammates. I felt supported by my network of cohort colleagues and enjoyed developing friendships. These friendships helped shape a positive and supportive MBA experience for me.

Q: Looking back, what was the most valuable experience or lesson learned at WPI that continues to shape your life today?  

A: The Capstone experience was such a valuable learning experience. This cumulative project allowed me to apply the concepts, skills, and tools that I had developed throughout the program curriculum. This team experience provided an opportunity to develop an idea into a viable concept applying the STEM-based business skills that we had learned. Real world application of these skills is what I feel is most valuable and continues to shape how I approach problems today.  

Q: What are the ways you have stayed connected to/involved with WPI and the people you’ve met here? Why would you encourage others to stay connected?  

A: I’m still connected with some of my cohort colleagues, mainly on social media. These long-lasting relationships are important for building a professional network. I also enjoy serving as a resource for other WPI employees considering applying for Graduate school.