Stratton Hall Renovation and Pedestrian Access


Facilities Office

From Tuesday, May 30, 2023 through July 2024, Stratton Hall and adjacent areas will be closed to accommodate a planned major renovation of the building. During this time, a portion of the West Street pedestrian path in front of Stratton Hall, as well as the alleyway between Stratton Hall and the Project Center, will be closed to pedestrian traffic. 

The concrete ramp connecting West Street to Boynton Hall will also be closed; however a temporary accessible ramp will be provided at the Earle Bridge to accommodate access over West Street.

Primary entrances to building nearby, including those to Higgins Labs, The Project Center, and Power House, will not be impacted.

Please see the attached Stratton Hall Renovation Logistics Plan which details the perimeter of site fencing in red, as well as available pedestrian paths highlighted in blue.

Please contact Facilities at with any questions regarding this work. Thank you for your flexibility.