Boston Project Center Immersion


Marketing Communications

The Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division and Marketing & Communications launched an initiative named “Project Immersion” back in 2016 aimed at bringing the university’s signature project experience through the Global Projects Program to life.

This initiative illustrates the unique nature of WPI’s Global Projects Program and Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) and the impact on our students and the domestic and international communities where they work. The centerpiece is an interactive experience that gives visitors a hands-on view of the transformative journey students take at a WPI project center. The stories are told through videos, photos, and interviews with students, faculty, and project sponsors.

View the latest project immersion at the Boston Project Center, the third immersion along with Tirana, Albania and Bar Harbor, Maine.

The Boston project immersion web presence  documents the journeys of 13 students who completed their projects in Boston in the 2018–19 school year—beginning with the Global Fair and the application process to post-project reflections. The students were part of four teams and worked on topics ranging from making the most of Boston Harbor’s mixed use waterfront space to optimizing energy efficiency for waste site remediation processes.

Learn more about all of these immersions.