Enterprise Transformation

One of the major changes from Banner to Workday is who has authority to approve tasks. In Banner, managers could allow people who report to them to act as their proxy, approving tasks on their behalf. Workday follows best practices in terms of authority, responsibility, and accountability, and only allows managers to delegate tasks to people at the same or higher level in organization as they are.  

We recognize this is a significant change that will change how work is done. Managers will use Workday to approve tasks – email notifications will be sent to alert you that you have something to approve in Workday. Emails will also be sent to remind students and staff to enter to time in Workday. 

Student workers will enter the time they work in Workday. The Workday mobile app makes this easy to do once you are familiar with the tool. Managers will approve timesheets in Workday. Workday has a role called “timekeeper” that allows someone else, for example, a department’s administrative assistant, to approve time for a group of people. 

Non-exempt (hourly) employees will enter time worked in Workday (exempt employees only enter absences). Only managers or delegated people at the same or higher level in the org chart can approve timesheets. Timesheet deadlines will be the same, and reminders will be emailed to people entering and approving time. 


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