COVID Testing Over Break

The following was sent to the WPI Community: 

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Dear WPI Community,  

It’s almost time for the Thanksgiving break, and we hope you are looking forward to spending time with family and friends. Public health experts are predicting surges in COVID and flu this fall and winter, so we ask that you take the following simple steps to help protect yourself and others: 
Take a test kit with you when you leave campus for Thanksgiving: Pick up a test kit from the vending machines so you can test before returning. WPI is providing everyone with an extra kit through the machines.  

Test 24 hours before you return to campus. 

If you test positive, complete the Positive Case Form, which helps us track COVID in our community. Stay home and follow the instructions here.  

Note: The FDA has determined that the expiration date printed on iHealth test kits can safely be extended 6 to 12 months. You can check your test kit date here.   

Get vaccinated: If you haven’t gotten a flu shot or COVID booster, do it now. The COVID booster provides better protection against emerging variants, as does the flu shot. Keeping up-to-date with vaccinations helps prevent the spread of illness. 

Wear a mask: Masks reduce viral transmission. While it’s not mandatory, it’s recommended that you wear a mask in indoor spaces when case numbers rise, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns.   

Stay informed: continue to watch for information from WPI and check our FAQs and resources below about COVID and flu forecasting sites, CDC guidelines, vaccination, and testing.

Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve seen surges in cases on campus at the start of A Term/fall semesters and C Term/spring semesters as we come back together. Right now, we are seeing a low number of COVID cases, and our approach to self-managed care seems to be working well for our community. Let’s keep it that way!  
As always, if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the Public Health Team by emailing We are here to help. 

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break! 


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