Data Science Professor Andy Trapp has research result accepted in premiere journal.


Data Science

Annals of Operations Research accepts research paper by Andy Trapp.

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A paper in the area of Data Science by DS faculty Professor Andy Trapp and collaborators has been accepted for publication.

The research paper written by  Professor Andy Trapp,  computer science student Chao Li and former WPI Biomedical Engineering faculty member Pat Flaherty, has been formally accepted for publication in a Special Volume of the Annals of Operations Research. The Special Volume is on 'Data Mining and Analytics.' The journal paper is titled, 'Recovering All Generalized Order-Preserving Submatrices - New Exact Formulations and Algorithms.' 

Andy says that "this work uses combinational optimization techniques to find all occurrences of a certain pattern that satisfy a statistical significance threshold. The pattern has relevance to, among other areas, gene expression  analysis."