David Spanagel honored as the "visiting eminent professor" at University of Nijmegen


Humanities & Arts

On June 18-19, 2018, David Spanagel visited the University of Nijmegen (in the Netherlands), where he was honored and shown off as "the visiting eminent professor."  David's early involvement in launching the great problems seminar First Year Program at WPI had inspired colleagues at Nijmegen to develop a Global Problems-focused interdisciplinary Masters degree program in applied philosophy. "Think Tank" courses and "Honours Lab" workshops on topics like "The Future of Food," and "Climate Change," and "How to Protect Europe's Biodiversity" are being offered this fall, for example. 

On June 18, David was included in their Master's program students' graduation ceremony in full medieval regalia, and on June 19 he presented on project-based learning pedagogy to the teaching faculty in the Honours Academy, and answered their questions about program development challenges.