Discover More with the New WPI Library Search


George C. Gordon Library

WPI library users have a new, powerful library search and discovery system available, WPI Library Search.

WPI Library Search

  • Available from the Gordon Library’s homepage, WPI Library Search is a mobile friendly, one-stop search tool that can save research time by searching across almost all of the library collections through a single search box.
  • Featuring sophisticated search and relevance ranking algorithms and the ability to customize searches, it will help WPI students and faculty save time and engage productively with a world of research information by delivering the most relevant results from the Library’s increasingly diverse resources.
  • Features include a wealth of academic and scholarly resources, leveraging broad content coverage and extensive metadata and proven content neutrality, ensuring the most relevant information irrespective of the provider.
  • Users will have easy access to all of the physical/print and electronic items provided by the Gordon Library--hundreds of catalogs, indexes, and databases--as well as items that can be requested from another library through interlibrary loan.
  • With the “Find by Citation” tab, users can zero in on an item by providing a known citation, Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or ISBN. Full citations for items not owned by WPI can be automatically transferred to an Interlibrary Loan request form, saving rekeying detailed information about requests.

WPI Library Search pairs with Alma, our new easy-to-use, cloud-based library services platform from ExLibris, a ProQuest company. Alma will optimize many library processes, and reduce the need for local maintenance and associated costs. Other institutions choosing Alma include Harvard University, Drexel, Georgia Tech, and hundreds of other universities and colleges around the globe.

Together, Alma and WPI Library Search will replace a variety of library products, including the 20-year-old Voyager system, Web Voyage, and Summon. By implementing Alma, the library will streamline internal workflows and provide rich analytics that will help foster data-driven decisions as we shape our collections to meet WPI’s needs.

For more information, see the Ex Libris product information on Primo and Alma.