Marketing Communications

You asked for it and we listened!  A new version of the mini-profile widget has been released that no longer limits the number of profiles you can add.  The new widget has a clean, sleek look and can be used to showcase your department's faculty.  Click on the left and right arrows to move through the profiles. 

Keep in mind that website visitors usually have a short attention span and may only scroll through a couple of profiles, so just because you are able to add more than four profiles it may not offer additional benefits in terms of user engagement.  The widget has an optional title that will be displayed above the profiles and an optional link. This may come in handy if you are showcasing a handful of faculty and then want to link to your department's full faculty listing.

mini-profile widget

The mini-profile widget is very easy to use—just enter in the person's username and let the widget do the rest!  It will pull their photo, name, title, department, and a partial biography from their existing faculty profile page.  No photo?  No problem!  The widget will transform based on the content that it finds on their profile.  Users can click on the ellipsis at the end of the bio or the "View Profile" link to get to the full profile for additional information.

Check it out in action on the Humanities & Arts website.