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Erin Solovey, associate professor of computer science, has been selected as a fellow of the Harvard Radcliffe Institute for the 2024–2025 academic year. 

 Solovey works at the intersection of human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience, leveraging recent advancements in brain-computer interfaces to understand and adapt to a person’s changing cognitive state in real-world contexts.



The prestigious yearlong Radcliffe fellowship provides the rare opportunity to intensely pursue ambitious projects in the unique environment of the Institute, also known as the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.

“Stepping into the rich intellectual community created by the Harvard Radcliffe Fellowship will provide the space and platform to engage with the wider world to identify areas where AI and computer science can help humans and the planet as well as where it may open new problems,” Solovey said. “This type of intellectual exchange is much-needed right now in computer science and artificial intelligence research. The field is moving rapidly and its impact on people and the planet is substantial and growing.”

Each fellowship class is drawn from some of the most thoughtful and exciting contemporary scholars in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and arts—along with writers, journalists, playwrights, and other distinguished professionals. For this year’s historic 25th anniversary class, Radcliffe accepted just  3.3 percent of applicants.

 The full list of the 2024–2025 cadre of fellows is online here.