Facilities Office

Colder weather is coming, and the Facilities Team has begun the process to restart the campus heating system.  The process will take several days over the course of the this week and next. If you find your heat is not working properly, simply fill out a SchoolDude work order.  Residential students should contact their Resident Advisor (RA) for assistance with submitting a work order and addressing the issue.

Opening windows is the simplest way to get fresh air into our buildings during the winter months and may limit virus transmission. If you choose to open windows for fresh air during cold weather, please remember to close them before you leave.  Closing windows when leaving a space is critically important during winter because in many spaces, heating coils and plumbing are near windows and can freeze when exposed to cold outside air. Extensive damage can result to buildings if pipes or coils freeze and burst. We appreciate everyone’s extra diligence in monitoring open windows in the cold season.