Food for Thought is Back! Save the Date for Ungrading the WPI Experience: Lessons from Across the Disciplines


"Ungrading the WPI Experience: Lessons from Across the Disciplines"

Aarti Madan, Geoff Pfeifer, Gillian Smith, Ryan Madan, Sarah Stanlick, and Zoe Reidinger

WPI has been a pioneer of innovative, engaging, and open pedagogy that challenges and empowers students. With this in mind, a group of faculty from a variety of departments worked in a year-long community of co-inquiry exploring what it might mean to "ungrade" elements of the unique WPI experience. This Food for Thought will share findings from our year-long experimentation with alternative models of assessment: student self-reflection and self-evaluation, collaborative assessment, contract-based grading, and labor-based grading. We’ll reflect on important lessons from the field – what went well, what needs tweaking, and what ungrading means for our students' wellbeing (academic, mental, and physical). And we will provide space for Q&A and invite skeptics and supporters alike to join us in discussing what ungrading might look like in their courses.

Date: Tuesday April 5, 1pm - 2pm 

Location: Unity Hall 500

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