On April 11, the annual WPI graduate research celebrations came to a dramatic conclusion as more than 60 finalists faced off in the annual Graduate Research Innovation Exchange (GRIE) poster competition. During the first part of the afternoon, the Rubin Campus Center Odeum came alive with intense conversation as the GRIE finalists, chosen by judges from among nearly 190 graduate students who displayed their posters at the GRIE poster celebration on Feb. 3, explained their research to enthusiastic judges and guests.

From the Materials Science and Engineering department, the following competitors on the PhD level were awarded cash prizes:

  • 1st Place: Carl Soderhjelm, Materials Science & Engineering; Advisor: Diran Apelian
  • 3rd Place: Baillie McNally, Materials Science & Engineering; Advisor: Richard Sisson

Carl Soderhjelm and Baillie McNally

Carl Soderhjelm and Baillie McNally

GRIE PhD Level 3rd Place Winner Baillie McNally

GRIE PhD Level 1st Place Winner Carl Soderhjelm

GRIE Finals