Helping Herd: Mia Dubosarsky, Donna Taylor and Shari Weaver

The Helping Herd series spotlights those who are going above and beyond to support the WPI community in these unprecedented times. This installment recognizes three members of the STEM Education Center, Mia Dubosarsky, Donna Taylor and Shari Weaver.

All three were nominated by Kathy Chen, Executive Director of The STEM Education Center, who says:

Mia and Donna have gone above and beyond to support teachers in this time of crisis. They have been hosting weekly Virtual Meetups for educators to come together to share strategies and to explore online tools for teacher in order to serve their PreK-12 students. These sessions have been well attended and have gotten great feedback. Donna also quickly put together a list of teacher resources that has been shared with many others.

Shari has done an amazing job in supporting our Teacher Preparation Program students who are doing their student teaching practicum right now! With the shift to remote learning at the K-12 schools, she has made contingency plans, pivoted when needed, and adapted to the needs of each student teacher at their particular school. Shari has used this time of "emergency learning" to build the capacity to do "innovative teaching" with online tools for the Teacher Prep Program.