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Congratulations to all our 2020 Robotics Engineering students! Every year we typically announce awards and honors during our graduation reception -- this year, with our students and faculty at home and socially distanced, we're honored to announce our award winners and RBE honorees online.

Major Qualifying Projects

Our virtual Project Presentation Days were on May 7th-8th, and our students did a magnificent job presenting their projects via live webinar -- the first time RBE had ever done so. WPI's Project Presentation Day is the culmination of students' year-long project work and intended to be the final synthesis of their time at WPI, and as such there are several honors available to those who participate.

The winner of the Provost's MQP Award in Robotics Engineering is:

MQP 16 - Robotic Water Monitoring
Thomas Vose, Daniel Shrives, and Brent Rolfes
Advised by Prof. William Michalson

Watch their presentation and live Q&A in the links provided!

Provost's MQP Award Honorable Mention:

MQP 9 - SCREAM: Transluminal Robot
Jesse d'Almeida, Joseph Bartone, Nicholas Pacheco, and Andrew Gulotta
Advised by Profs. Loris Fichera, Gregory Fischer, Haichong Zhang

In extenuating circumstances and/or if there are teams who performed with merit equal to the Provost's Award winner, the RBE Director may choose to give Robotics Engineering Director's MQP Award. This year, in addition to outstanding performance, the Director's MQP Award also takes into account the resilience demonstrated by an MQP team at this challenging time.

The winner of this year's Director's MQP Award is:

MQP 24 - 3D Swarm Construction
Cameron Collins, Josue Contreras, Neel Dhanaraj, Hannan Liang, Trevor Rizzo, and Caleb Wagner
Advised by Profs. Raghvendra Cowlagi, Xinming Huang, Gregory Lewin, and Carlo Pinciroli

RBE Director's MQP Award Honorable Mention:

MQP 20 - Modular Socially Assistive Robot Framework
Jacob Bader, Tyler Dubuke, Jonathan Sanchez, and Raymond Schade
Advised by Profs. Gregory Fischer and Carlo Pinciroli

Outstanding Students

Every year we also honor several students who exemplify the best of Robotics Engineering. Please join us in congratulating the following winners:

Salisbury Prize
Nicholas Pacheco

(Information about the Salisbury Prize)


Morgan Teaching and Learning Center WPI PLA of the Year
Ryan Eastwood

(Information about the Morgan Teaching and Learning Center)


Outstanding Senior Award
Jesse d'Almeida

Outstanding Senior Award Honorable Mention
Caleb Wagner

Outstanding Junior Award
Sabrina Liu

Outstanding Junior Award Honorable Mentions
Isabelle Chan
Brandon Persons

Outstanding Service Awards
Alex Tacescu
Zeynep Seker

Our thanks and congratulations to all of you!