Interdisciplinary graduate student team advances in International Supply Chain Competition

Four WPI graduate students have advanced to the regional round of the 2019 APICS Int'l Supply Chain Case Competition to be held in Boston in February, 2019.

In this round, the teams presented an end-to-end supply chain solution for a case involving Techsoft, a leading technology company specializing graphics.  They developed a new version of the company’s Vision graphics card. The new card is 10% smaller than its predecessor and is breaking new ground in cost, projected to sell at half the price of the current card. 


The need for faster, more affordable graphics cards that can be networked to scale according to processing needs has driven both selling prices lower and the demand for processing higher than ever before. Techsoft faces the challenge of its supply chain costs being proportionally a much larger percentage of the overall graphics card selling price.


The team will compete to advance to the final round in Las Vegas in September, 2019.  


Mingrui Wei, PhD Student, Computer Science

Tianchi Yao, MS Student, Operations Analytics & Management

Boyu Zhang, MS Student, Applied Statistics

Jun Lu, MS Student, Materials Science & Engineering

About the APICS/Deloitte International Supply Chain Case Competition

Participating teams across the world (North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America) present solutions to exciting end-to-end supply chain management problems, as they compete for prize money and recognition.  Cases may involve distribution, logistics, sales and operations planning, inventory, and other operations management challenges.