Invitation to Upcoming Panel on Student Mental Health


Dean of Students

Dear Parents,

We understand the ongoing pandemic has been unsettling time for many students and their families.  Even as we have acclimated to a “new normal,” the stresses and anxieties that come along with it can have an impact. The health—not only physical, but mental—of your student is our highest priority. As part of our continuous efforts to support our students through this crisis, we’re pleased to present the latest panel in the university’s virtual Critical Conversation Series: Student Mental Health: Surviving Isolation, Stress, Depression, and Anxiety.

Panelists will include Charlie Morse, Associate Dean and Director of Counseling; Angela Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of Social Science & Policy Studies; Kerry-Anne Williams, Medical Director of the Justice Resource Institute; ML Tlachac, a PhD candidate in Data Science; and Robbie Starr '21, an Electrical & Computer Engineering major. Their conversation will cover a broad range of topics under the mental health support umbrella, from recognizing signs of depression and anxiety in themselves and loved ones to accessing available resources, taking important steps in seeking help, and reducing the stigma of mental health issues.

More information is available here, and as always, students may also take advantage of the many mental health resources available both on and off campus. We hope you’re able to join this important conversation.

Dean of Students