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Left to right: Dr. Rogers, Dr. Jimenez-Castillo, Dr. Shi, Dr. Khoja, Dr. Norouzi Via in the rear, Dr. Alkhuzaim

The WPI 2023 Graduate commencement took place on the quad of Worcester Polytechnic Institute on Thursday, May 12th. The Business School awarded doctorate degrees to 6 new PhDs: Lojain Alkhuzaim, Basma Khoja, Luis Castillo-Jimenez, Javad Norourzi Nia, Scorpio Rogers and Yu Shi. It was a joyous celebration of the hard work and perseverance of the new PhDs. The event was filled with heartfelt speeches, inspiring messages, and moments of reflection that highlighted the graduates' incredible achievements. Congratulations to the class of 2023 for their dedication and commitment to their studies, and for making their mark on the world with their newly acquired knowledge and skills.


Lojain Omar Alkhuzaim
Business Administration
“Emergy Analysis and Supply Chains - A Circular Economy Byproduct Supply Chain Case Study”
Advisor: Joseph Sarkis


Luis Arturo Jimenez Castillo
Business Administration
“Factors Influencing Family Firm Internationalization”
Advisor: Frank Hoy, Purvi Shah 
Awarded: August 30, 2022


Basma Abubakr Khoja
Business Administration
“Family Influence, Entrepreneurial Passion and Gender: Multiple Case Studies of Saudi Family Businesses”
Advisor: Rosanna Garcia


Scorpio Kevin Rogers
Business Administration
“Entrepreneurship-Educated Black Entrepreneurs and Their Impacts Provided to Black Communities”
Advisor: Rosanna Garcia


Javad Norouzi Nia
Business Administration
“Eye Tracking and Wellness:
The Quest for Unobtrusive Biomarkers for Designing Smart Neuro Information Systems”
Advisor: Soussan Djamasbi 
Awarded: August 30, 2022

PreviewYu Shi

Yu Shi
Business Administration
“Modelling and Evaluating Financial Sustainability using Data Envelopment Analysis and Machine Learning Methods”
Advisor: Joe Zhu


2023 Graduate Commencement Photos



Left to right: Prof. Saberi, Prof. Shah, Prof. Djamasbi, Prof. Zhu, Beswick Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Rosanna Garcia

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Left to right: Harry G. Stoddard Professor of
Management and Dean of the Business School
Rev. Debora Jackson, Prof. Shah, PhD Graduate Student Basma Khoja, and Beswick Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Rosanna Garcia

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Left to right: Business School Professors: Prof. Johnson, Prof. Hall-Phillips, Prof. Long-Lingo, Prof. Tulu

PreviewBusiness Professors

Left to right: Prof. Djamasbi, Prof. Shah, Prof. Saberi