Learn about sustainable Circular Economy with Prof. Sarkis in upcoming Spring course offerings!


The Business School

A new course offered in spring 2020, "Sustainable Operations & Supply Chains", will implement a curriculum that focus on the importance of sustainability within business. By eliminating the traditional linear economy, the circular economy ultimately works to limit waste and maximize resources by implementing a closed-loop production process that’s both restorative and regenerative. WPI Foisie Business School Professor Joesph Sarkis explains why is this important: "Some circular economy practices are required by regulatory policy; some by community and customer pressures. It can also be important as one of the only ways for some industries to do business in the future as resource scarcity becomes a serious problem. There are also competitive pressures – where others can benefit greatly and become more competitive if businesses fail to keep up with some of these latest practices." This course can be taken as an elective as part of the MS in Supply Chain Management or MS in Operations Analytics and Management or by current students and alumni.  

For more information please contact us at business@wpi.edu or 508-831-4665.