Academic Advising Office

Marketing Technology and the Academic Advising Office are excited to unveil the new Fellowships & Scholarships section of the Academic Advising website.

The launch pad for this site was an older Fellowships & Scholarships website that had been maintained for many years by Professor Hansen.  This site contained a lot of valuable information for students looking to obtain financial support for research and/or graduate studies.  Due to technical difficulties with maintaining the old site, some of the fellowship information was becoming out-of-date.  It had reached the point where it was either time to retire the site or find someone who’d be willing to bring new life to it.

Marketing Technology and Academic Advising collaborated over a 6-month period to bring this content over to the Academic Advising website and to develop a new scholarship database that will allow students to browse through a list of Nationally Competitive Fellowships & Scholarships or to search through a list of more than 300 Graduate & Undergraduate Fellowships & Scholarships.



Rebekah Campo, Advisor for Academic Support and Fellowship Opportunities, is thrilled to report that students have already begun to find and utilize this information on their site.  She plans to continue to develop and enhance the content on these pages, ensuring that WPI students receive accurate and up-to-date information to help them reach their goals.