Join the hundreds of WPI students who have taken System Dynamics courses taught by world-renowned faculty, and enjoy the convenience of an on-demand, self-paced online format!

WPI’s new Professional Development Online will allow you to take these micro-courses individually and earn a certificate of completion for each, or complete the sequence of all three (plus an additional comprehensive assignment) to earn the System Dynamics Foundations badge:

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  • Micro-course 2: Real World Dynamic Models
  • Micro-course 3: The Practice of Modeling Dynamic Systems

After earning the badge, you can opt to apply to WPI to become a matriculated student, earning graduate credit in the corresponding course by completing a capstone project with a mentor. By becoming a WPI student, you will have access to Vensim DSS, Stella Architect, and other useful software that WPI provides.  


Note: The System Dynamics Society will provide a discount for members. They will provide information about the coupon code.


Available Now: Micro-course 1 -  System Dynamics Fundamentals

This classic introductory course in System Dynamics debuted in the 2004-2005 academic year. Jim Hines and Jim Lyneis are the main lecturers, with guest lecturer Oleg Pavlov. We’ve now made it accessible to a larger audience by splitting its content into digestible self-paced modules.

While the original lecture videos may appear old and grainy by today’s standards, the core content is extremely relevant, and the lecture slides are an essential element in complementing the viewing experience. In addition, we have added more practice exercises to help you gauge your understanding along the way.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the causes of dynamic behavior at a basic level
  • Utilizing the standard approach to developing System Dynamics models
  • Learning to use the basic tools and techniques in developing these models


  • What is System Dynamics
  • Dynamic Behavior
  • System Archetypes
  • Stocks and Flows
  • Feedback Structures
  • More

Course Features:

  • 12 hours of rich instructional videos
  • 16 practice exercises, designed to help you gauge your progress
  • 5 quizzes to assess your mastery