Peer Learning Assistants Honored at the Student Recognition Awards Ceremony

Four undergraduates were honored at the 2017 Student Recognition Awards ceremony for their efforts and effectiveness as Peer Learning Assistants. Carolyn Detora, a junior Mechanical Engineering major, received the PLA of the Year award for her support of students and faculty in the Great Problems Seminar.  A professor she assisted called her “a real colleague in the room… brilliant, tough but supportive with her students, generous with her time, and willing to take on roles beyond the usual for a PLA.”  Students praised her ability to help them improve their writing, teamwork, and even their character.

Three others received PLA Achievement Awards. Griffin Bishop (CS ’19), a tutor in the Academic Resources Center, stood out in his ability to put fellow students at ease with friendship and humor, and to make learning fun, exciting, and often easy.

Charlie Lovering (CS ’18) was praised for taking personal responsibility for the success of whatever course he’s assisting, showing a remarkable level of poise, common sense, and initiative.

Alex Taglieri (CS ’19) was described by a professor as the most effective PLA in the history of the Robotics Engineering program. In what can be a high stress labs, Alex creates a happy environment and helps students relax so that they can focus on their work and learning.  

The PLA awards have been presented by the Morgan Teaching and Learning Center annually since 2013, in recognition of the key role of peer assistants in supporting distinctive undergraduate education at WPI.