Professor Yanhua Li was awarded a two year 175K grant from National Science Foundation


Data Science

Yanhua Li, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Data Science, was awarded a two-year, $174,956 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for his project entitled "CRII: CPS: CityLines: Designing Urban Hub-and-Spoke Transportation System with Data-Driven Cyber-Control."



Under this grant, Dr. Li’s team will develop CityLines, a transformative urban transit system, employing hybrid hub-and-spoke transit service with shared shuttles. Novel cyber-control methods will be designed to guarantee the system scalability (enabling real-time transit service planning for urban scale trip demands), adaptability (allowing hub relocation and route re-planning to cope with trip demand dynamics), reliability (to traffic disruptions), and compatibility (providing inter-transit coordination with other transit services).