Staff Council

The nomination period for nine new members of the Staff Council is now open!

Eligibility criteria for the Staff Council

Any staff employee (except union members and members of the President's Management Council) are eligible for nomination and to participate in voting.

Call for Nominations

If you are interested in nominating yourself or another staff member, please fill out the following nomination form no later than May 31st. All nominees will receive outreach to let them know they have been nominated and to ask for their confirmation/interest in being on the ballot. Please take a moment to review more information about the Staff Council, the election process and procedures, constitution and bylaws as well as frequently asked questions on the new Staff Council webpage. Check the page for updates and information for the Staff Council as the process gets underway and watch for future communication once the elections process begins.

In efforts to broaden the representation of employees across the divisions, nominees will be grouped into categories.  As the election process progresses, we will be sharing additional information on our website. At next week’s Staff Forum events, Council members will be available to answer any specific questions on the process as well!

Reminder of Important Dates

  • May 16 – 31 | Opening of peer and self-nominations submissions. 
  • June (TBD) | Meet & Greet Opportunities – dates and details to follow.
  • June 12 – 26 | Voting/elections will take place.
  • July 10th week | All nominees will be notified of the results. Staff Council identifies the two appointees.
  • July 17th  week | University-wide announcement of newly elected and appointed members.
  • Early August | The newly elected Staff Council members will begin their term in August for a term length of two years.

Thank you for your participation in this nomination process!

Staff Council

Bill Battelle, Diane Dubois, Caitlin Keller, Roxanne Gardner, Kim Hollan, Sarah Miles, Jennifer Cluett, Amy Curran and Theona Scola


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