STEM Education Center

The STEM Education Center at WPI was awarded a $25K grant from the Massachusetts STEM Advisory Council to develop and train teachers on a special MA STEM Week design challenge for PreK-5 students:  I am STEM – STEM I am.  The challenge focuses on solving problems in books and is designed to empower students to become proud problem solvers.  All lessons are aligned with grade-level ELA and math or STE standards, can be done in the classroom or remotely, and use everyday and recyclable materials.

Free Professional Development.  Attend the online I am STEM PD (part 1 & 2; total of 5 hours), learn about the problem-solving process and how to teach it to your students, gain knowledge about online tools that can be used to teach any subject, and follow a prepared lesson for your grade level with a small group of educators.  You will be able to discuss the lesson and classroom implementation.  Multiple PDs are available on evenings (Tuesdays & Thursdays) as well as Saturdays, so you can ‘mix & match’ based on your schedule.  You will receive a certificate for 5 hours of PD.  Register for PD.  

$75 gift card.  A limited number of $75 gift cards are available for teachers who are interested in developing a lesson plan based on our template and complete a survey about the experience.  Interested teachers should attend the I am STEM PD before 9/26/20 and submit their developed lesson plan by 10/4/20.

$25 gift card.  All educators who attend the PD, implement one of the available STEM lessons in their classroom during STEM Week, and complete a survey about the experience will receive a $25 gift card.

The I am STEM – STEM I am Lesson Library will be available to all educators before, during, and after MA STEM Week 2020.