Students Showcase Their 10-Week Intensive Research Experience


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PreviewThor Hammer Vanderbilt ‘26
PreviewTeodor Hellgren

Thor Hammer Vanderbilt ‘26 PPS and Teodor (Teddy) Hellgren WPI ‘26 MA/CS, representing both the EREE and NSF REU programs, researched refugee resettlement efforts along the east coast by conducting surveys and interviews to collect and analyze data that will help improve the resettlement process. They will also continue to work on this project using Analytical Research Collaborative for a Humane and Equitable Society. Shoutout to Professor Sarah Stanlick for co-advising Thor on this project.


Arjun Venat WPI 25' is a CS/DS student that took on a NSF REU project this summer. He developed and simulated credit redistribution mechanisms to ensure equity for nonprofit organizations involved in SWAP, a platform for nonprofits to exchange resources. He is interested in applying his Computer Science knowledge and Operations Research to create a more balanced and fair system for nonprofits to share resources.


Nathan Willemsen ‘25 is pursuing a Data Science degree focusing on Operations Research. This summer, he has been researching analytics and methods to determine equitable resource allocation for runaway and homeless youth alongside other NSF REU and EREE students. He takes away valuable knowledge, practices, and new interests in the world of Operations and Industrial Engineering. Shoutout to Professor Renata Konrad for co-advising on this project.