Tips for Finals


Academic Advising Office

What's the best way to prepare for finals? Well, no one knows finals week better than students, so that's exactly who we asked. Check out the following tips provided for students, by students:

  • Budget your time wisely: It’s easy to get caught up in stress, but try to stay calm and composed—you know your stuff. Start studying early and don’t procrastinate until the night before to start learning the material.  
  • Make time for self-care: Maximize your down time by letting your brain relax and doing things that help you unwind and reduce stress.  
  • Get enough sleep: When you know you have to wake up at a certain time, count back the number of hours you want to sleep, then add an extra half-hour; that’s when you should head to bed. That extra half-hour is important—it's when you’ll brush your teeth, get ready for bed, and set your alarm.  
  • Form a study group: Find a group of classmates in the class you’re studying for and make plans to meet up and create a study group with them after studying individually. Repetition is key to mastering seven-week terms. Studying together also gives you the chance to find more friends within your major! 
  • Find a favorite study space: Here are a few favorite study spots (some that even offer a much needed caffeine fix) of current students: Gordon Library, Atwater Kent, Salisbury Lounge, Fuller Commons, Campus Center, Innovation Studio.  
  • Reward yourself: Every time you finish a chapter, write a page of a paper, or hit another assignment benchmark, give yourself a small reward or take a break—you've earned it!  
  • Take advantage of support systems: The Office of Academic Advising oversees the Academic Resources Center, which is home to Math and Science Help (MASH) and other tutoring programs. Sign up for an appointment at, or visit the Advising website to see what other programs they offer. Remember: all the tutors have been where you are, and are very qualified to help you! 
  • Remember, you've got this!: Take studying for the exam seriously and do the best you can. No matter the grade, the term is over and you’ve made it. 
  • Don’t forget that you’re important and loved: No number, letter grade, or test results can ever define you as a person. No matter what, you’re loved and you play a huge role in our WPI community and on Earth.