Tutors: Math & Science Help (MASH) & Individual

Tutors are made up of upper-class students who have been particularly successful in their academic work. They help other students who are learning the material for the first time to understand the material and to meet instructors’ expectations. Their job is to help students to understand what they are learning in lecture and reading in textbooks, master new concepts, and put ideas into perspective. There are tutors that provide individual tutoring which are scheduled in advance for a set time and subject, and tutors that facilitate MASH which is group tutoring with no appointment needed.  All Tutors become certified through the College Reading & Learning Association. 

Math and Science Help (MASH) Program

MASH review sessions are offered for math, science, and computer science courses that are critical for student success. The MASH program has helped WPI students make the transition between high school learning patterns and the necessary habits and skills needed for college work.

In MASH sessions, you will meet with other students who are taking the same course. You can discuss any difficulties you are having understanding the material or a specific problem, talk about the class, compare notes, discuss assignments and lectures, as well as ask questions and improve your study skills. A tutorr who has taken the course before and understands what you are experiencing guides each session.

During the first week of the term, tutors will introduce themselves to the class and announce when and where the MASH sessions will be held. You are encouraged to attend as many sessions during the term as you wish. Each session will be different as new material will have been covered and new questions posed. Bring your class material (texts, notes, and assignments) and your questions.



MASH (and tutoring) begin on January 11, 2019 and ends on February 27, 2019..  There is no MASH or tutoring on Monday, January 21, 2019 and Thursday, February 21, 2019 before 5pm.


MASH Locations:

Before 5pm: Academic Resources Center (ARC), Daniels Hall

After 5pm: Exam Proctoring Center (EPC), Morgan Hall


MASH Courses & Times:

CH 1010: Monday @ 7pm, Tuesday @ 12pm, Wednesday @ 8pm, Thursday @ 1pm

CH 1030: Monday @ 12pm, Tuesday @ 4pm, Wednesday @ 6pm, Thursday @ 5pm

CH 2320: Tuesdady @ 8pm, Wednesday @ 12pm, Thursday @ 8pm, Friday @ 2pm

CS 1004: Monday @ 3pm, Tuesday @ 2pm, Wednesday @ 7pm, Thursday @ 7pm

MA 1023: Monday @ 8pm, Tuesday @ 7pm, Wednesday @ 3pm, Thursday @ 3pm

MA 1024: Monday @ 5pm, Tuesday @ 5pm, Wednesday @ 11am, Thursday @ 10am

MA 2051: Monday @ 6pm, Wednesday @ 5pm, Thursday @ 4pm, Friday @ 1pm

PH 1110: Monday @ 4pm, Tuesday @ 6pm, Thursday @ 6pm, Friday @ 12pm

Tutoring Program

Tutoring sessions, unlike MASH sessions, allows students to work one-on-one with a tutor rather than in a group. Tutors are able to offer assistance in a wide range of courses, and do not concentrate on just one course.  For a list of courses that are offered for tutoring, please visit the Academic Resources Center Canvas page.  Individual tutoring is offered Mondays-Thursdays from 10am-9pm. 

Group Tutoring

Group tutoring gives students the opportunity to work together in a smaller group, alongside a tutor, to get specific course help. Courses are selected for group tutoring based on tutoring demand. Up to 5 students may sign up per time slot for selected courses.

Need to make an appointment?

Visit Tutortrac to sign up for a Math and Science Help (MASH) or tutoring appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome, but first priority will be given to students who sign up through Tutortrac.

NOTE: Students are able to make a maximum of 3 tutoring appointments per course, per week.