Website Enhancements: News & In the News


Marketing Communications

The Marketing Technology Division has recently launched several enhancements to the website, including new filtering capabilities to make it easier for visitors to search through our news articles.  We've also enhanced our faculty profiles to include News & In the News sections.

In the News Filters

Screenshot of the In the News page with new Publications Filter

Articles about WPI and our faculty, students and staff have appeared in over 100 local, national and international publications.  In order to make our website more user-friendly, we have enhanced the search feature on the In the News page to allow visitors to filter the articles by publication name, in addition to using the existing filters for categories, faculty name and date.  By selecting a publication from the list and clicking the Apply button, users will now be able to narrow down the large list of articles to view only those from a particular publication.

Latest News Filters

Screenshot of the Latest News page with new Stories & Faculty Filters

The latest news section of our website contains articles written by our talented public relations and internal communication staff.  New filters have been added to this page allowing visitors to search by faculty name and story type.  Story type options include: Daily Herd, Press Release, Research and Story.  Users can additionally narrow down their search by date and category.

Faculty Profile Enhancements

To take this a step further, we have added both News & In the News sections to the bottom of the faculty profile pages, as shown in the screenshot below.  Any faculty member who has been the focus of an internal or external news article, will see these sections added to their faculty profile page.  As with all of our website widgets, these sections will only appear if they contain content.  So you may see both widgets, only one widget, or neither widget.

Glenn Gaudette