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Enterprise Transformation

Budget numbers in Banner have been mapped to "worktags" in Workday.

In Banner, when you enter a FOAPAL, it can be easy to enter the wrong number, or leave part of the FOAPAL off by mistake. In contrast, when you enter a key part of a worktag, the other parts have been set up to fill in automatically. 

  • Filling in the Cost Center (the O/Organization in Banner: Physics, Information Technology, CPE, etc.) fills in the rest of the operating budget worktags.
  • Filling in the Grant field, fills in the rest of the worktags related to the grant.
  • Same for filling in the Gift field.
  • And the Student Organization field.

You can use numbers in these fields, or enter part of the name to search for the appropriate worktag. 

In Workday, default worktags use your department's operating budget, but are easily changed. Anyone can enter any worktag because the transaction is routed to the worktag "manager" for approval. For example, for grants, the transaction approver is the PI.

Since anyone with access to Workday can fill out an expense report (or a requisition to purchase, or submit an invoice), it will be important to provide budget guidance up front, to minimize the need for approvers to send back transactions that haven't been charged correctly.

We will also have a "crosswalk" tool available soon. When you enter a current FOAPAL, the tool will display the Workday worktags that the FOAPAL will map to.


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