Website Inclusion: Make your website accessible to everyone


Marketing Communications

Marketing Technology is offering the opportunity for our community to learn how to make their websites and documents accessible to all visitors, including users with disabilities.  We are granting interested users access to an online library of interactive courses that you can take at your own pace.  These courses can be stopped at any point and resumed at a future date, and can be watched as often as you like.

Why do I want to make my website accessible?

  1. It’s the right thing to do.  Project Inclusion strives to create a campus environment that is accepting and welcoming to all—including people with disabilities.  We need to make sure that our website is easy for everyone to use.
  2. It’s the law.  WPI must adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which includes making our website accessible.
  3. Website accessibility can increase WPI’s customer base by reaching a wider audience.
  4. Web Accessibility creates a better user experience for everyone, which can keep our users engaged longer.  A good user experience can boost our image and potentially increase our bottom line—whether that means increased applications, more donations, new corporate partners, etc.
  5. An accessible website can improve our search engine results.  ADA compliance goes hand in hand with SEO by helping to improve website functionality and usability, both of which are factors that Google takes into consideration when determining our search rank. 

Making a Difference

If you oversee any aspect of your department’s or office’s website, this is an opportunity for you to make a difference.  Please take a moment to complete the following form so we can create your account and send you instructions on how to get started.

Learn more about Website Accessibility

The following video was created by Siteimprove—our partner in making sure that the WPI website meets ADA standards for disabled users.  This video will give you an overview as to what website accessibility means, why it is important, and the top 10 things they recommend to make your website more accessible.