Workday: Cutover Dates from Existing Systems


Enterprise Transformation

Please see the Cutover Dates PDF on the website.

The document summarizes the plans for “cutover” between various systems and Workday. A snapshot of Banner data was taken on August 24 to create the final build of Workday that will go into production on October 1, 2018.

Life and work doesn’t stop, so there will be a period where data will continue to be collected and manually added to Workday. Understandably, we are trying to minimize these “catch-up” transactions as much as possible. There will also be a period at the end of September when you will not be able to add anything new to existing systems. We are trying to keep this window as small as possible to avoid disrupting your work.

Please note that if you have any questions about specific processes, please contact HR, Finance, or email


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