Enterprise Transformation

As we get closer to the October launch of Workday for Finance, Payroll, and Talent & Inclusion, we want to share a few key updates.  

  • Many people have asked, “Why are we doing this?” “How does this concern me?” To help answer this, we have added Guiding Principles for Success for the overall project and for Workday on the Enterprise Transformation website

  • We also understand that change is hard. We are actively engaged in change management activities to help make this process easier, and we are adding resources to the Enterprise Transformation website. 

  • Several business processes will change with the introduction to Workday. As we learn about changes, we update the Workday page of Enterprise Transformation.   

  • We are continually adding new FAQs and Training content. Please check the FAQs page for frequent updates.  

We will regularly provide details via email on business processes, training, and the launch of Workday over the coming months.  


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