Workday: Multiple items in an expense report


Enterprise Transformation

Just a reminder that you can combine several transactions on one expense report in Workday. 

As you begin an expense report:

  • You can select multiple PCard transactions at a time 
  • You can select multiple items scanned using the Workday mobile app
  • You can select both and submit an expense report with items for reimbursement and PCard transaction approvals

On an existing expense report:

  • You can add items for personal reimbursement, including for multiple days (Add)
  • You can add additional PCard transactions (Import Existing Record) or scanned transactions from the mobile app

Add or Import Existing Record buttons

  • You can use items scanned using the Workday mobile app as attachments (under Attachments from Mobile Application, use the Add button)

Add attachments from mobile app

Group transactions into an expense report in a way that makes sense to you; for example, several days of a trip in one expense report, purchases related to a campus event, or a week or two of supplies purchased using a PCard.

Notice that when you are approving only PCard transactions that you'll still see the Reimbursement Payment Type option (Check or Direct Deposit) even though you're not being reimbursed; leave either option in and just ignore that field.

Reimbursement Payment Type

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