Workday: Reconciling PCard Transactions


Enterprise Transformation

Expense reports in Workday are not just for travel or personal reimbursements, but are also used to reconcile PCard transactions. 

After Workday is available on October 1, you'll no longer use Bank of America Works to reconcile PCard transactions. Instead, if you have a PCard, when you create an expense report in Workday, you'll see a list of all of your open PCard transactions. You choose the ones you want to reconcile, then fill out an overall business purpose (e.g., supplies) and a short memo, categorize the purchases by type (e.g., Supplies - Lab), attach receipts, and submit the expense report. 

You choose how many transactions to reconcile at one time. You can choose to do all of the transactions that appeared in the previous week, or you might group them thematically, by a project, event, type of purchases, or of course, by a trip. You can always Save for Later and reopen the expense report at another time.  When you've submitted the receipt, you no longer have to keep a paper copy; if the account is audited, the receipts are already in place for review. 

You might organize your receipts electronically by date or by vendor, making them easy to upload into Workday. If you receive a receipt electronically, it's easy to save it into a folder of PCard receipts. If it's a paper receipt, you can scan it, take a photo of it with a mobile device (provided the details are legible), then save it to a folder. If it's an email message, print to PDF, and save it into the same folder. Workday accepts a wide range of document formats and file sizes should not be a problem. Each transaction can also have multiple files attached.