Marketing Communications

WPI Launches Expert Database

Marketing Communications is launching the Expert Database, an online tool designed to help the media and others tap into the remarkable expertise available here at WPI. Reporters and others can search the database for subject matter experts and connect to the university's PR team (  A team member will then vet the request to gain a better understanding about the journalist’s focus and direction, their specific questions, what they know, believe, and/or assume, as well other sources that may appear in the same news story.  That deeper insight will then help us determine which tool(s) would best share our experts' ideas, opinions, analysis, or commentary. 

The database was developed based on faculty and staff who have been media trained and other information collected over the past several months. While it is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive and it will be updated as news trends evolve, topics are added, and more of our resident experts are media trained. For more information about media training, or to ask any other questions about being added to the Expert Database, please email