head shots photos of Marja Bakermans, Geoff Pfeifer, William San Martin, and Kimberly LeChasseur

Professors Marja Bakermans, Geoff Pfeifer, and William San Martín from the Department of Integrative and Global Studies and Dr. Kimberly LeChasseur from the Morgan Teaching and Learning Center and Center for Project-Based Learning are among recipients of the 2023 Open Education Awards for Excellence from Open Education Global (OEG), a non-profit that supports the development and use of open education worldwide. 

The WPI group is among the authors of nine articles in a special issue of the Journal for Multicultural Education on Intersections of Open Educational Practices and Equity Pedagogy. That special issue received the award in the Open Research category. One of the nominators noted that “Most of the scholarly literature around open and social justice has centered on theories and perspectives; however, this special issue focuses on practical elements and research on implementing Open Educational Practices (OEP) for social justice and equity.” 

OEG defines Open Practices as “collective behaviors and techniques that open up access to educational opportunities. These practices promote and support the use of open educational resources, technologies, and social networks to facilitate collaborative and flexible teaching and learning.”

The article by Bakermans and co-authors entitled “Who writes and who responds? Gender and race-based differences in open annotations” has been downloaded more than 600 times since its release in December 2022. Read more about their study and ongoing collaboration.