WPI Team Takes First Place in the MADE 1.0 Challenge


Data Science

Data Science



The "WorcesterPolytechnicInstitute-Wunnava" team of Susmitha Wunnava, Xiao Qin, Tabassum Kakar, Elke Rundensteiner and Xiangnan Kong, earned 1st Place in the MADE 1.0 Challenge. As seen in the Task 1 Rankings, they beat out IBM Research and other excellent universities! Great job!

The decision criteria was based on a Micro Averaged   F-score for the standard track EHR NLP competition using Exact Phrase Level evaluation.  The winning solution, using deep learning with dual embedding will be presented at the MADE 1.0 panel at the AMIA Informatics Summit: Translational, Clinical Research, Implementation, and Data Science,

(https://www.amia.org/2018-Informatics-Summit), one of the most important conferences in Biomedical and Health Informatics. The panel, titled "Frontiers of Clinical Information Extraction: Current Progress in Medication and Adverse Drug Event  Detection from Electronic Health Records,” was held on 15th March, 2018 at AMIA 2018, San Francisco, CA.



        Susmitha Wunnava                 Xiao Qin                     Tabassum Kakar          Prof. Rundensteiner                  Prof. Kong