This email about the transition to Zoom phone was sent on July 19, 2023 to employees and students by Vijay Menta.

The implementation of unified communications for voice, video, SMS text, and chat, using Zoom Phone has begun! Below you will find updates on the project milestones, information about what to expect, and action items.

1. Cutovers:

1.1 The IT Services department is using Zoom phone as of June 27!

1.2  An exciting benefit to transitioning to Zoom phone is the opportunity to improve the way department main lines are handled with the use of call flows.  Here is what Diane Dubois, Operations Manager and Sustainability Coordinator, has to say about the new Library call flow:

“I am very excited to start using the Zoom auto receptionist!  I'm sure it will not only better serve our patrons’ needs, but also cut down on the amount of spam calls our front desk receives.”

In addition to improving the handling of department main lines, all team members also have their own extensions with the ability to forward voicemail messages to the team email. What if up to now you only used the department extension? You will be assigned a WPI phone number of your own, and the call flow will enable one or more individuals to answer the department extension.

1.3  Several campus departments will cutover later this month; the exact date is pending approval by our current phone service carrier. As updates are available, you may view them, along with past communications and key information, in the Unified Communications Zoom Phone Timeline on the WPI Hub.

1.4  What can you expect when it’s your turn? The Zoom phone icon will appear in your desktop Zoom app prior to cutover, so you will have an opportunity for testing calls and SMS texts. Training is available prior to cutover. Following cutover, support will be provided to you by the IT Service Desk ( or 508-831-5888).

2.  Key Contacts: The project team has engaged support from key contacts who are providing information necessary for the transition of each department.  They can also answer questions specific to your department’s cutover timing, main lines, and equipment. We are very appreciative of their partnership.

3.  Equipment Changes: Each department is assessing what physical phones are required and where headsets are needed. Department key contacts work with their leadership to approve equipment and work with IT to plan equipment distribution and the collection of old Avaya phones. While many physical phones will not need to be replaced as Zoom works as a “soft phone” on computers already in use and allows greater flexibility, there continue to be high call volume areas where physical phones are needed.  IT has installed the Zoom desktop client on all IT-managed computers. Additionally, you may choose to use Zoom phone with your WPI telephone extension on a mobile device.

4.  New Features! Here are several features we are looking forward to:

4.1  Emergency Address: Zoom phone enables E911 to provide your building address to Emergency Services, whether on-campus or remote.

4.2  Status and Business Hours: Set the times when you can answer calls. 

4.3  Delegates: Assign others to handle calls on your behalf.

5. Action Needed:

5.1 Dialing Changes During the Transition: IT has implemented a workaround enabling current phones to continue dialing all WPI extensions using 4 digits. After you transition to Zoom Phone, you can use the Dial by Name Directory to call others using Zoom phone. If a name or department does not appear in the directory, that means the number has not yet transitioned to Zoom phone. In that case, 10-digit dialing (i.e., 508-831-5888) from the Zoom phone is required to reach the extension on the current system.

5.2 Contact Information:  We recommend that you update contact information in Workday, entering business phone as 508-831-XXXX, where XXXX is your extension. If you are being assigned a new extension as part of the Zoom phone transition, you may enter it when you cutover. WPI Alerts (RAVE) automatically receives the home phone listed in your Workday contacts. This is also a good opportunity to ensure that your correct home phone is entered in Workday.

Thank you for your continued cooperation during this transition. We look forward to working with you as you join Zoom phone!





Vijay Menta (he/him/his)

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Information Technology Services

Worcester Polytechnic Institute