WPI Unified Communications Phone System Transition to Zoom - November Update

This email was sent to employees on November 15, 2023 by Vijay Menta.


Good afternoon,

We are happy to share progress about the implementation of unified communications for voice, video, SMS text, and chat, using Zoom Phone. Ninety-six percent of phone extensions will be using Zoom Phone by next week!  Here are the latest project updates and some reminders:

  1. Transitions: Over 600 numbers are scheduled to transition to Zoom Phone on November 16. This cutover includes all remaining departments, FAX lines, labs and common areas, with the exception of Campus Police and some common areas in the Campus Center, Residential Services, Recreation Center, etc. After tomorrow’s transition, we will be at 96% completion.
    1. Fax:  FAX numbers are included in the transition and we are working with departments to confirm which ones are still in use.
    2. Lab Phones: Many lab phones will transition to Zoom Phone this month. We are working with departments and lab managers to test the new phone hardware and Zoom Phone extensions to ensure calls can be made and received.
  2. Emergency Call Reminder: 5555 should be used in emergency situations to reach WPI Police directly. All campus phones, regardless of their transition status, only need to dial 5555, the 4-digit extension, to call WPI Police for an emergency. Calls to the Campus Police Business Line, 5433, can also be made using just 4 digits.
  3. Dashboard:  The Zoom Dashboard is used by IT to monitor Quality of Service across all locations and devices; and proactively address any issues identified.
  4. Internal Extensions: Some WPI phone extensions are internal only, which means they do not have a full 10-digit phone number. 
    1. These extensions can be recognized by starting with a digit that's anything other than a 4xxx, 5xxx, or 6xxx -- such as a 2xxx, 3xxx, or 8xxx. 
    2. They can be dialed from your Zoom phone using just the 4-digit extension. From an outside line or mobile phone, they can be reached by dialing the main WPI number 508-831-5000 then entering the 4-digit extension.
  5. Outbound caller ID: On the dial pad, you may choose from these Zoom Phone display options for Caller ID, the phone system feature that allows the person you're calling to see your number. (Detailed instructions are in the Quick Start Guide.)
    • Your own extension: 508-831-xxxx
    • The WPI main line: 508-831-5000
    • Numbers for call queues that you are a member of: If you are a member of the group answering your department’s main line, that number may be displayed as your outbound caller ID.
    • Hide Caller ID: The recipient will see “unknown” rather than a number.
  6. WPI Verizon Mobile: In response to a fraudulent alert received by some members of WPI, we contacted users of WPI Verizon Wireless telephone numbers to confirm that these are not in scope for the current WPI Zoom Phone migration.  Verizon Wireless Service is separate, and neither the phone numbers nor the service have planned changes.
  7. Training and Resources: WPI-specific training sessions are scheduled each month, and online recordingsjob aids, and FAQs can be accessed on the WPI Hub at your convenience. If you can’t find the topic or training you need, you are welcome to make requests through the IT Service Desk. If you are new to WPI, or returning after time away, you can catch up with the project timeline and past communications.
  8. From Our Community: Only hours after moving to Zoom Phone in October, here is what we heard:
    • "This seems pretty straightforward. Love it."
    • "My very first call and it worked like a charm."


The transition to Zoom is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. The efforts of our campus key contacts and community members in assisting Information Technology and embracing this new service have been vital in maintaining the timeline!  As we head into the final stretch, we thank you wholeheartedly.




Vijay Menta (he/him/his) 

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Information Technology Services

Worcester Polytechnic Institute