Below is contact information and additional handouts for all presenters. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Katie Elmes.

Innovating STEM Education Through Flight and Aerospace Exploration

George Charles Allen
​AeroVenture Institute
Website: http://www.aeroventureinstitute.org/ 

Create Your Own Cereal Box
Christine Robbins, crobbins@auburn.k12.ma.us 
Auburn Middle School 
The Cereal Box STEM Math Problem (PDF)
Packaging Design Unit Description (PDF)

Independent Program with WPI Affiliation
​Kathi Fisler, kfisler@wpi.edu 
Bootstrap in the news: Read the Article

Solar Power from Antarctica
Erin Da Silvaneto, edasilvaneto@nrsd.net and Cathy Plumb
Center School 
Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy PowerPoint (PDF)
Clean Air Booklet (PDF)
Mission 6: Renewable Energy (PDF)
Mission 7: Saving Energy (PDF)

Project Lead The Way
Website: www.pltw.org 
Carol Malstrom (program implementation, curriculum content, PLTW agreement, PLTW policies, budgeting, equipment/supply requirements, student scheduling), cmalstrom@pltw.org
Terry Adams (core training at WPI, college credit from WPI, issues specific to Massachusetts),tadams@wpi.edu 
​PLTW School Support, schoolsupport@pltw.org or 877-335-7589 
Detailed Overview (PDF)

MySTEM - Mentoring Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Jessica Haggett, Jessica.haggett@bbbscm.org 
Big Brothers Big Sisters Central Mass/Metrowest
Website: http://www.bbbscm.org
STEM Mentoring (PDF)
Popsicle Stick Catapult (PDF)

Master's Degrees for Educators: Math and Physics
Website: WPI Licensure & Degrees
Katie Elmes, kaelmes@wpi.edu  

Mass Academy Professional Development
Website: www.massacademy.org 
Mike Barney, mbarney@wpi.edu, and Rick Connell, rbconnell@wpi.edu  

WPI Undergraduate Projects for the K-12 Community
Contact stemcenter@wpi.edu for more information. 

Opportunities to Partner with WPI Faculty
Ivon Arroyo, MathSpringiarroyo@wpi.edu  
Erin Ottmar, Graspable Math, erottmar@wpi.edu 
​Oleg Pavlov, System Dynamics, opavlov@wpi.edu 

Research Experience for Teachers
Aaron Sakulich, arsakulich@wpi.edu 

STEM Education Center Professional Development
Website: www.wpi.edu/+pd 
Mia Dubosarsky, mdubosarsky@wpi.edu 

Website: http://www.aboutus.assistments.org  
Neil Heffernan, Cristina Heffernan and Andrew Burnett, assistments@wpi.edu 

One Cool Friend
Lizz Trahan, etrahan@millburyschools.org, Amy Sullivan, Joan Bellerose, Jen Kephart, Julie Richards, Megan Wheeler, Sarah Beckeman, and Michelle Gauthier
Elmwood Street School 
Lesson Materials (PDF)

Pre-collegiate Outreach Programs
Website: WPI Pre-Collegiate Outreach
Sue Sontgerath, ssont@wpi.edu 

CSI: Millbury
Bonnie Nieves, bnieves@millburyschools.org 
​Millbury Memorial Jr/Sr High School 
Lesson Plan (PDF)

Assay of Photosynthesis Based on Leaf Flotation
Andrea Pereira, Pereira.andrea2011@gmail.com, and Jo vanderSpek, jovanderspek@gmail.com 
Worcester Technical High School 
Overview and Lesson Sequencing (PDF)
Leaf Flotation Assay (PDF)
Absorption Spectrum of Pigment Extracted from Chokecherry (PDF)
Leaf Disc Assay Questions (PDF)