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Below you will find resources that can support PK-12 STEM educators in developing quality, equitable, online and in-person learning experiences for their students.


Anti-Racism Resources for STEM Educators

How do we address inequalities and opportunity gaps in STEM education?  This resource provides articles and classroom tools for helping educators grapple with these critical issues. While this is not a complete list, our Center has found these resources useful for our own journey toward becoming equity-minded educators. We hope you will find them useful as well.

Defining Race, Racism, and Being Antiracist

Talking About Race  (Website) - National Museum of African American History & Culture

16 Words and Definitions to Kickstart Your Anti-Racism Journey (Article) - Medium

Are you racist? 'No' isn't a good enough answer (Video: < 2.5 min) - Marlon James, The Guardian

Systemic Racism Explained (Video: < 5 min) - act.tv

Anti-Racism Handout (Handout) - Robin DiAngelo

Whites Receiving Feedback on Racism and Responding from the Mainstream (Handout) - Robin DiAngelo

Antiracist Checklist for Whites (Handout) - Robin DiAngelo

Dismantling Racism Works Web Workbook (Website) - DR Workbook

What does it mean to be Antiracist? (Handout) - Anneliese A. Singh, Ph.D., LPC; The Racial Healing Handbook

Scaffolded List of Anti-racist Resources  (Handout) - Anna Stamborski, Nikki Zimmermann, and Bailie Gregory

Anti-Racism Resource List (Resource List) - 100Kin10

Seeing White (Podcast) - John Biewen, Chenjerai Kumanyika

Anti-Racism Resource Roundup (Website) - Caise Informal Science

Understanding Implicit and Systemic Racism
Racism and Education

10 Ways Educators Can Take Action in the Pursuit of Equity (Article) - Cult of Pedagogy

Beyond the Stoplight (Website) - Beyond the Stoplight

How Ibram X. Kendi's Definition of Antiracism Applies to Schools (Article) - KQED

10 Ways Well-Meaning White Teachers Bring Racism Into Our Schools (Article) - Everyday Feminism

27 Mistakes White Teachers of Black Students Make and How to Fix Them (Article) - Education Post

Resource Guide For White Teachers & Parents Developing Racial Consciousness and Moving into Action (& the POC Working or In Relationship With Them) (Handout) - Christine Saxman

How Indigenous, Black and POC Educators Envision a Better School Experience (Article) - KQED

A Guide to Equity and Antiracism for Educators (Article) - Edutopia

White Teachers Need Anti-Racist Therapy (Article) - Education Week

Anti-Racist Educator Questionnaire and Rubric (Handout) - Anna Stamborski

In an Era of Pandemic and Protest, STEM Education Can’t Pretend to Be Apolitical (Article) - Truthout

The racial politics of STEM education in the USA: interrogations and explorations (Article) - Taylor and Francis Online

Coded Language Is Part of Our Racist Education System (Article) - Teen Vogue

Teachers on the Frontlines: Dismantling White Supremacy from Within the Classroom (Video: <1 hr 15 min)  - Davis Square Consulting

How to Center Equity and Humanize the Process of Coming Back Together: A Focus on Joy and Justice in STEM Education (Video: < 1 hr) - AAAS, NSF; Transcript

How to Create Anti-racist Virtual Classrooms: Strategies for Teachers and Families (Video: <1 hr 20 min) - University of Pittsburg; Related

The Multiple Fallacies of Reopening School (Article) - Next Generation Learning

Teaching While White Series (Podcast) - Teaching While White;  Related

“Nice White Parents” (Podcast) - The New York Times; Related

Black Students Need Changes, Policies, and Structures Beyond Higher Education (Article) - Inside Higher Ed

The Underrepresentation Curriculum Project (Website) - URC

Black Lives Matter at School  (Website) - Chris Rogers

Social Justice Mathematics and Science Curricular Resources for K-12 Teachers  (Resource List) - Compiled by Dr. Kari Kokka

How Indigenous, Black and POC Educators Envision a Better School Experience  (Article) - KQED

A Guide to Equity and Antiracism for Educators (Article) - Edutopia

How to Develop Culturally Responsive Teaching for Distance Learning (Article) - KQED

Teaching Tolerance (Website) - Southern Poverty Law Center

Racism and STEM fields
Additional Resources

Lifting Up Youth Work: A Perspective from Spencer Visiting Scholar Bianca Baldridge (Article) - Spencer Foundation

Podcast Episodes related to Education (Podcast) - Dr. Molade Osibodu, York Uni

#ShutDownSTEM Resources (Website) - ShutDownSTEM

Refusing to Forget (Website) - Refusing to Forget

Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism (Website) - California State University San Bernadino

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in STEM

Make STEM more relevant and engaging for students so they can "see themselves in STEM."  This list of resources can assist you in incorporating a diverse array of STEM professionals including stories not often found in traditional textbooks.  We hope this is a useful tool!

Diversity in STEM
Teaching STEM with Diversity in Mind
Diversity in STEM Role Models and Careers

Online & Remote Teaching Resources

We did our best to compile a list of resources that are free, engaging, easy to use and aligned with state standards and STE practices. Since there seem to be so many resources available, we focused on high-quality STEM & PBL resources and activities that could be useful as you plan student learning and activities remotely.  PDF Version

Remote Learning Tools

To get you started: 
STEM Teaching Tools—Supporting Students’ Science Learning

These tools and resources may assist you with communicating with your students/classes online.

  • ASSISTments - a web-based mathematics assignment and analysis tool
  • Book Creator - an online tool for creating and publishing digital books
  • Brush Ninja - a web-based tool for creating hand-drawn animated GIFs
  • Canva - a web-based graphic design platform
  • Coggle - a web-based tool for creating collaborative concept maps and diagrams
  • EdPuzzle - an online tool that allows you to create interactive video lessons
  • Educreations - an interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool
  • Edulastic - an online student assessment tool
  • FlipGrid - a video discussion platform 
  • Go Formative - a web-based student response and assessment tool
  • Graspable Math - a web-based interactive tool for math
  • Jamboard - an online, collaborative whiteboard tool
  • MathShare - an online tool for students to organize and share their processes
  • Milanote - an online workspace and project organizer
  • NearPod - an online tool that allows you to create interactive, media-rich presentations
  • Padlet - an online bulletin board
  • Pear Deck - a tool that allow you to create interactive presentations with Google slides
  • Scoutlier - an online learning platform
  • Screencastify - a Chrome browser extension that allows you to record your computer screen
  • SeeSaw - a platform for student engagement
  • Storyjumper - a website that lets students create and publish their own stories
  • Whiteboard.fi - an online whiteboard tool
  • Zoom - a cloud platform for video and audio conferencing

Looking for more?  Check out - Webinars for Teachers - by the MetroWest STEM Education Network

General Science/STEM Online Resources
Interactive STEM Activities
Project-Based Learning
Coding and Computational Thinking

STEM Curricular Resources developed by the STEM Education Center

Seeds of STEM: Problem solving activities for young children

Seeds of STEM is a year-long, standards-aligned, STEM curriculum for preschool and pre-K classrooms. The curriculum was developed by a partnership that included researchers from WPI, the College of the Holy Cross, and teachers from the Worcester Child Development Head Start Program. Seeds of STEM was tested in multiple Head Start classrooms, through funding from the US Department of Education (IES, grant #R305A150571).  

To encourage teachers and parents to solve problems with their young children at home, Seeds of STEM is offering sets of weekly STEM activities, derived from the curriculum and simplified for the home environment. 

  1.  Introduction to Problem Solving
  2.  Solving Problems with Ice and Water
  3.  Solving Problems about Habitats
  4.  Exploring the 5 senses
  5.  Forces and motion: the animals need your help!
  6.  It's spring! Create a model of a plant and its parts. 

Interested in bringing Seeds of STEM to your school or organization? Check out our latest PD Offerings or email Mia Dubosarsky with questions.  

I am STEM - STEM I am Lesson Library

The I am STEM lesson library was created by teachers for teachers! It consists of a wide variety of STEM challenges for PK-6 Educators, all focused around solving problems in books! Thanks to a grant from the MA STEM Advisory Council the library will be available to all educators before, during, and after STEM Week.

Be sure to check it out and consider joining us for the next I am STEM FREE PD.

Questions? Contact Donna Taylor

Engineering Design Activities

These resources were developed by the STEM Education Center for Massachusetts STEM Week  2019, and include a short opening bridge design activity (one lesson or shorter), a 2-lesson STEM challenge related to properties of materials, and a full week STEM project about natural disasters. 

Short Bridge Design Challenge (one lesson or less)
Project Transport, Help a Friend in Need (2-lesson project)
Protecting the Community from Natural Hazards (full week STEM project)

If you use these curricular resources, please contact Donna Taylor to let us know.


Over the past several years, AweSTEM! has provided the STEM Education Center with the opportunity to recognize educators and education leaders for their outstanding work in STEM education. In addition, educators have presented dozens of STEM lessons and projects and have shared student experiences.

You can find links to numerous resources and project ideas by clicking on each year provided. 

Be sure to check them out!  

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