Participants at AweSTEM!

The STEM Education Center at WPI recognizes and appreciates educators and education leaders dedicated to engaging and inspiring students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Our annual event - AweSTEM! - is designed to celebrate these individuals for their outstanding work in STEM education. Additionally, it joins this community of educators together to share with each other, and those at WPI, the latest STEM education materials. Educators have presented dozens of STEM lessons and projects and have shared student experiences. You can find links to numerous resources and project ideas by clicking on each year on the right

The STEM Education Center unfortunately was unable to hold our 9th annual event, AweSTEM! 2020, due to the pandemic. We hope to be able to offer AweSTEM! again in the future, possibly with an expanded format to include an afternoon of workshops, lightning talks, and a STEM educator reception. We envision participants being welcome to come to any or all parts of the event. Our Center can be reached at