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The annual Graduate Research Innovation Exchange (GRIE) is a poster celebration and competition that highlights the breadth, diversity, and quality of WPI's graduate research. Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Dean of Graduate Studies, it is a two-part event consisting of an Open Poster Exhibition and Celebration and Poster Finals and Awards.

Graduate Students Build Connections with GRIE

Presentation and Celebration 

This weeklong event in February is a festival of creativity and innovation. All graduate students and post doctoral fellows engaged in research or in course- or program-related capstone projects are encouraged to develop a 5 minute presentation and submit it for judge, peer, and faculty review. The 2021 dates are February 22-26, 2021*.

True to its name, the Graduate Research Innovation Exchange is a marketplace where students across disciplines get to know each other and share discoveries and new ideas. It is also a great way to get feedback on research in-progress—input that can help students prepare for sharing their work down the line through papers and presentations.

Student presenters also receive input from attendees who are able to vote for People's Choice Awards for their favorite presentations. 

The best presentations by master's, PhD, and post doctoral fellow candidates engaged in research in the categories of Mathematical, Chemical, and Physical Sciences; Business and Social Science; Data Science, Cybersecurity, and Computer Science; Life Sciences and Bioengineering; Robotics, Cyberphysical Systems, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences; and Aerospace, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Civil and Environmental, Fire-Protection Engineering are reviewed by a select panel of judges who decide which are worthy of competing in the finals on April 6, 2021. Winners from the finals round will receive cash prizes and certificates. 

The Prizes

Judges may choose to present awards to MS candidates and PhD candidates based upon a number of criteria, including the quality and importance of the research itself, the clarity of the posters, and the students' ability to explain their work and answer the judges' questions. Awardees will receive cash prizes. Capstone entries are not eligible for awards.

The Winners

In 2020, more than 165 master's and PhD candidates shared their innovative and purposeful research with the WPI community. It was an exciting and well-attended event that had the Rubin Campus Center Odeum buzzing with activity and engaged conversation. During the day, judges visited all of the participants, evaluating their posters and learning more about their work. 

See our list of current and past GRIE winners.

2021 Format

  • GRIE will take place virtually in 2021.
  • Students will record a 5 minute zoom presentation where they share their screen to show slides and verbally present their research. This file will upload it to Ensemble, which all students have free access to. Ensemble will generate a link to the file which will be sent to GRIE organizers. The deadline to submit this is Wednesday, February 3, 2021*.
  • A private document with links to all presentations will be provided to judges and the WPI community.
  • A public program with title, author, advisor, keywords, and technical statement will be posted to the GRIE page. Please note the public file will not include presentation links to protect intellectual property.
  • Judges will have one week to view assigned projects and submit their scores.
  • Additionally, an audience feedback survey will also be available so students can receive feedback from others who viewed their presentation but were not assigned to judge it.

Specific requirements and instructions for creating and uploading their video presentation will be provided to registered students. For directions on how to record a Zoom meeting, click here. For directions on how to upload your recording to Ensemble and generate a URL, click here.


Click here to register for GRIE.

Research Areas 
Business and Social Science
Life Sciences and Bioengineering
Robotics, Cyberphysical Systems, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Fire-Protection Engineering
Mathematical, Chemical, and Physical Sciences
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Data Science, Cybersecurity, and Computer Science

Guidelines & Eligibility

General Guidelines

  • GRIE is open to all WPI PhD candidates, MS students, and post doctoral fellows engaged in thesis or similar research, or MS candidates completing a course- or program-related capstone project.
  • Although presentations may have multiple authors, including the faculty advisor(s), there should be one lead author registered and presenting. The lead author MUST be the graduate student and only this student will be considered for awards.
  • Only one presentation will be accepted per student; it is the student’s responsibility to have his/her presentation recorded according to competition guidelines.
  • Levels: MS, PhD (Capstone level projects will be accepted, but will not be considered for the final round), or post doctoral fellow.

Presentation Guidelines and Judging Criteria

  • Presentations should be a zoom recording. Share your screen to show slides while you verbally explain your research. A link to your video will be submitted to GRIE organizers by the deadline noted above.
  • Presentations should be 5 minutes or less in length. Longer submissions will not be judged and will not be eligible for the finals. Additionally, longer submissions may not be posted for view.
  • Your presentation should clearly identify a project title, researchers involved, and department
  • Videos must be submitted to GRIE organizers by advertised deadlines in order to be posted for judge and WPI community view. 
  • Prepare your presentation to appeal to both experts and non-experts in your field as judges may vary. You must be able to clearly explain your research to a wide range of judges and audiences. 
  • Click here to view what your poster will be judged on.


*Dates subject to change based on 2021 university calendar.


Graduate Research presentation
Graduate Research presentation
Graduate Research presentation
Graduate Research presentation
Graduate Research presentation
Graduate Research presentation
Graduate Research presentation
Graduate Research presentation

Preparation support for Graduate Research Innovation Exchange

The Student Training and Readiness Sessions (STARS) program developed by the Office of Graduate Studies offers sessions specifically designed to help graduate students prepare for participation in GRIE. Learn more about STARS.