November 11, 2013

Founders Day at WPI is the ideal day to treat yourself to some delicious goat cheese—and now you can!

Gompei’s Goat Cheese, made by the smartest goats in the world, is now for sale on campus.

Be the first to treat yourself to Gompei’s Goat Cheese, available for purchase in the refrigerated case at the Campus Center food court or at Outtakes, the campus convenience store located next to the Goat’s Head restaurant. You can even purchase a special holiday 3-pack for family and friends at

Gompei’s Goat Cheese has more vitamins, but less fat, cholesterol, and calories than cow or sheep cheese. So enjoy delicious Gompei’s Goat Cheese and eat healthy.

Gompei’s Goat Cheese is a student-run business, launched in partnership with Westfield Farms of Hubbardston, Mass.