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Honoring Service

Long Service Honorees for 2013.

May 3, 2013

A key resource of the university is the experience and expertise of its long-service staff members.

WPI acknowledges long service of its employees at 5-year intervals, beginning after the completion of 5 years of service. Service in every case will represent a full year’s service either in a full-time or regular part-time capacity, or a combination of both types of service.

In each year that a long service anniversary is celebrated after 15 years, an additional week of vacation will be added to annual vacation accrual for that year. This anniversary vacation must be used within the fiscal year following the year in which the service anniversary occurs.

40 Years           15 Years
Giacomo Ferraro Jane Bouchard
David Galvin Fabio Carrera
Philip Grebinar Mark Claypool
James O’Rourke Jennifer Cluett
Della Tornblom Michael Demetriou
  Evelyn Doyle
35 Years Tracy Hassett
Kent Ljungquist Melissa Leahy
John Orr Sergey Makarov
Catherine Seed Kerrie O’Connor
  Donna Ryel
30 Years Khalid Saeed
Sheila Bailey Christopher Salter
Isa Bar-On Joanne Seymour
Sharon Deffely Frank Sweetser
Catherine Emmerton Homer Walker
Richard Sisson Vadim Yakovlev
Helen Vassallo Alex Zozulya
25 Years 10 Years
Edward Brosky Emmanuel Agu
Tahar El-Korchi Richard Beaulac
Michael Gennert Kristen Billiar
Frsancis Horanzy Jessica Caron
Wesley Mott Tracey Coetzee
Gina Patterson Martha Cyr
Thomas Plante Phillip Deneault
Brigitte Servatius Daniel Dougherty
Scott Streeter Dana Harmon
John Sullivan Randall Harris
  Karen Hassett
20 Years Neil Heffernan
Leonard Albano Susan Hicks
Elizabeth Barr Rachel Leblanc
James Doyle Oleg Pavlov
Joseph Fehribach Cindy Philbrik
Susan Gallagher Gary Pollice
Peter Hansen Milosh Puchovsky
Arthur Heinricher Anastasia Rivera
Barbara Liberis John Sanbonmatsu
Roberto Pietroforte Cornelius Spellman
Michael Voorhis Steven Taylor