Albert Simeoni

Albert Simeoni

Professor and Department Head
PhD Mechanical Engineering Universite de Corse Pascal 2000
MSc Mechanical Engineering Polytech Marseille 1996
MEng Mechanical Engineering, IUSTI 1996
BS Physics and Applications University of Corsica 1994
Expert Bio

Professor Albert Simeoni is a renowned expert in wildfires. His research focuses on the unusual or poorly understood fire behavior that leads to high impact on people and property. The increase in the severity of wildland and wildland-urban interface fires leads to an increased impact on people’s lives and their property Professor Simeoni has also worked with The New York Times to better understand the origin and spread of large scale fires, including a fatal Bronx, NY apartment building fire. Through a computerized model, this research project aimed to predict and prevent such tragedies in the future. 

The Worcester Guardian
WPI students burn Christmas trees to study safety

The WPI student chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers held a laboratory demonstration in which two Christmas trees were burned to show how quickly they can ignite, especially ones that are not consistently watered. The chapter also provided fire safety tips.

Spectrum News 1
WPI fire protection students show how fast a dry Christmas tree can burn

Students in the fire protection engineering program demonstrated in a laboratory how quickly Christmas trees can burn. The demonstration shows the difference in ignition time for a dried-out tree and one that has been watered. Can you guess how high the temperatures reached? Find the answer in this Spectrum News 1 report. 

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